We provide wireless network design, deployment, and application services

We build adaptive networks for applications where conventional equipment comes up short. This includes network and infrastructure design, building ruggedized network components, custom applications, and tactical installation for withstanding the harshest and most challenging conditions.

Our network design and build services applies the best wireless technology to support the applications on your site. These deployments may include secure MESH for heavy equipment mobile connectivity in support of applications such as autonomy, a private 5G network for all assets and fixed backhaul infrastructure, or a combination of technologies each utilizing its unique technological strength. Our designs take every element into account, designing the network and all associated structure to provide optimal performance on time and on budget.

High-performance networks require proper, supportive structure. We design and build network infrastructure, telecommunications towers, ready to withstand the most severe environments. Northwest Towers delivers tower projects within complex, congested metropolitan areas to those sites that are extremely remote. Our tower projects take all things into account including the impact on the environment, ease of maintenance, and future load requirements. Northwest Towers turnkey, design-build approach, from needs assessment to construction, delivers reliable results.

Resilient wireless networks and devices

Optimizing operations, ensuring critical data transfer, ready for the future. Get in touch when you’re ready to start exploring your next industrial wireless project.

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