Resilient Wireless Networks and Durable Custom Devices

Northwest Towers designs and constructs complete wireless networks for extreme deployments around the world. Mining, construction, industrial, commercial, and transportation clients depend on our work.

Our product innovation department applies years of field application experience to developing bespoke, reliable products for your application. New, seemingly unique, data acquisition and communication requirements require forward thinking and flexibility.

Industrial wireless infrastructure for your working environment

We custom build wireless networks for mining, processing, refining, and transportation applications subjected to harsh and challenging environmental conditions.

Relentless performance, smooth operation

We provide reliable network performance for asset management, surveillance, production, or construction where cables come up short. Our deployments withstand the elements, reducing operational downtime.

About Northwest Towers

For years, Northwest Towers has built sustainable network solutions to solve radio frequency (RF) challenges brought by extreme weather or challenging terrain and environments. We are a General Contractor that delivers an unmatched level of efficiency, reliability, and safety, serving clients all around the world. To enhance our service offering, we have leveraged this vast field experience to fuel our product development department, offering unique products that deliver reliable performance.

We are efficient.

We optimize RF coverage conquering the geographical and environmental challenges of your site to improve the performance of Fleet Management Systems (FMS), Video Surveillance Systems, Failover Systems, Data Acquisition, and other critical network operations. This optimization is accomplished through RF planning, proper product application, and strategic structure deployment, preventing waste in lost productivity and costly future upgrades.

We are reliable.

Answering the increasing demand for data in conditions you least expect. Northwest Towers deploys properly the first time, focused on interoperability and driving down operating costs through the elimination of waste in lost productivity and unscheduled maintenance where other networks fail.

We are safe.

We apply the latest in industrial safety best practices and methods with every build so that you never put your team or others at risk. During the construction of the project and forward thinking focused on ease of maintenance, we have you covered.

Resilient wireless networks and devices

Optimizing operations, ensuring critical data transfer, ready for the future. Get in touch when you’re ready to start exploring your next industrial wireless project.

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