We specialize in outdoor rugged wireless and cellular network systems.

NW Towers designs, builds, and integrates heavy-duty, industrial wireless and cellular mobile data communications networks for open-pit mining, natural resource development, and Tier-1 telecommunications firms. It’s what we do, and we do it well. Just ask any of our many satisfied clients.



We design, build, and deploy rugged wireless networks for open-pit mining, natural resource development, and other industrial sites with harsh or challenging environmental conditions.

Our custom networks provide reliable data throughput for Fleet Management Systems, Inventory Management, Video Surveillance, Mining Pit or Construction-type networks where physical cables come up short. We develop and deploy tested solutions that withstand biting cold, brutal heat, wild winds, and torrential rain, reducing operational downtime in any industrial working condition.

Your workspace doesn’t have walls.

There are no ceilings nor cubicles. Why should your network be setup like an office’s?

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NW Towers brings a holistic approach to 3G, 4G, and LTE equipment deployment and maintenance for Tier-1 carriers providing the latest in industry know-how and tower safety methodologies.

From project walkthrough, to construction, and to final hand-off, our expert crew offers our clients a forward-thinking approach to cellular network build-outs.

Hire a crew that thinks the way you do.

We align our strategic approach to cell tower equipment deployment with your key business objectives in mind. We don’t just climb towers and install equipment– we deploy solutions efficiently, making the most of your resources and investments.

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NW Towers plans, builds, and supports large-scale RF deployments for high-throughput, high-availability, and long-range networks. We are a vendor-neutral General Contractor and work with most commercially-available systems to improve your overall RF coverage and network performance.

We leverage over 20 years of RF and telecommunications experience and key vendor partnerships, serving a wide variety of industries, campus sizes, and unique network challenges, such as open-pit mining and natural resource development.

Plan, develop, deploy, support.

No matter your large-scale RF network challenge, NW Towers brings expertise to any phase of your project towards achieving a return on your investments.

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NW Towers is an all-inclusive General Contractor. We work on an annual basis to maintain the following:

  • ComTrain Certifications for ALL tower-climbing staff.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) compliance and training.
  • CPR, First Aid-readiness.
  • RF exposure monitoring practices.
  • Over two decades of RF experience across a variety of technologies.
  • Excellent material sourcing through key partnerships.

Our partners trust in us. Our clients put faith in us.

We provide expertise in industrial, large-scale network development where other network providers come up short. Our clients and partners rely on and believe in our solutions.




NW Towers builds sustainable network solutions to solve RF challenges. We bring an unmatched level of efficiency, reliability, and safety to every engagement as a General Contractor, serving clients from around the world.


Catering RF coverage to the geographical and environmental challenges of your site allows your wireless network to run Fleet Management Systems (FMS), Video Surveillance Systems, Failover Systems, and other high-level network operations efficiently.

Proper planning for RF implementation, coverage areas, and performance levels ensures proper wireless coverage and no “dead zones” in critical areas.


When your company’s reputation and success are at stake, you want a network that works the way you need it to, in conditions that you least expect.

We implement our RF networks properly the first time, saving thousands—even millions—of dollars in lost productivity and unscheduled maintenance where other less-prepared networks would fail.


Safety is our number one priority at NW Towers: we apply the latest in industrial and RF safety best practices and methods with every project.

Our central focus on safety ensures that you never put your team or others at risk during course of our project design, implementation, or testing.

Let us build your next network.

We provide expertise in industrial, large-scale wireless and cellular network development and deployment where other network providers come up short. We respond to inquiries within 48 hours.

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