NWTowers - Surface and Underground Mining

Northwest Towers knows what is takes to deploy high quality networks in mining on the surface and underground. Each surface mine faces unique challenges in network deployment. Line of site, frequency interference, the fluid nature of a mine site, and the elements wreak havoc on the very backbone of mining production. NWT will design and install complete surface wireless networks to support your entire operation. Northwest Towers only deploys equipment that will withstand such pressures. From IP 67 wireless devices to mine-duty solar communications trailers and towers designed just for mining. Northwest Towers networks are designed to support mobility, easily maintained, and adaptable to accommodate mine-site development.

Mine-site Trailer Deployment

Towers over 200-ft in Height No Concrete Foundation

NWT underground includes a host of available technologies. These include WIFI, MESH, LTE, and two-way radio. Northwest Towers will design and install complete wireless systems for the support of real time tracking, fleet management, autonomy, and all automation applications. NWT will also provide 24-hour monitoring post-install and work together with our clients in customized on site maintenance programs. We are featuring our platform, in partnership with AVA, Submerge. This platform delivers fleet management, tracking, and will incorporate the complete management of the mines network, all visualized in 3-D.

No other pulls together the surface and underground in such a seamless fashion, with hands-on expertise from the top of the tower to the working face.

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