Resilient Wireless Networks and Durable Custom Devices for Industry

Northwest Towers designs, builds, and deploys wireless networks and devices for the harshest, most challenging conditions around the world in the following industries.

Rugged, temporary installations are a real challenge for construction site operators. Northwest Towers knows how important timely data and reliable communications are to large construction sites. Tunnel communications need to be reliable, easily installed, and low maintenance. We can connect all access control, communications, TBM data, asset tracking, conveyor control, and more wirelessly, saving valuable installation time and limiting the gear required on site.

Northwest Towers expertise in very high speed, long distance wireless connectivity, private secure LTE/5G networks, and connecting mobile assets has proven to deliver the services that utilities and other public institutions require. The security and performance of our deployed networks is second to none. We combine this wireless expertise with our design-build methodology. Northwest Towers delivers entire projects, turn-key from tower construction and large scale mobile asset installations, to complete network commissioning and private licensing.

Resilient wireless networks and devices

Optimizing operations, ensuring critical data transfer, ready for the future. Get in touch when you’re ready to start exploring your next industrial wireless project.

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