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Here at Northwest Towers, we provide top tier RFID solutions to our clients, but we provide so much more than that. RFID Tag

Our RFID Solutions encompass the whole spectrum of available RFID devices – from Passive to Semi-passive (BAP) and Active RFID solutions, available on every spectrum, for any application, we have you covered.

What’s The Difference Between These RFID Flavors?

Passive RFID tags have no power source and rely entirely upon the power they draw from the RF waves they receive from the interrogating unit, whatever that may be. Their primary means of communication with RFID interrogators is modulating and reflecting the waves they receive back to the interrogating units that are reaching out to them. Passive devices usually have a range of only a few meters.

Active tags have their own power source (usually a battery) and typically also have a transmitter. They use their power and transmitter to send broadcasts back to the interrogators, and can even send broadcasts when they are trying to find an interrogator (beaconing). These tags can communicate up to 100m.

Semi-passive tags are a mashup of both passive and active tags. While they do have a power source, they don’t typically have a transmitter. The battery is used to power the chip on the tag, and the signal is reflected back to the interrogator the same way passive tags work. This means that the chip on the tag doesn’t need nearly so much energy from the RF wave, allowing it to respond to much weaker signals, resulting in longer ranges. These tags can have impressive memory and reply to interrogators at between 10-30m.

What We Do

Northwest Towers works across a bevvy of industries to overcome wireless challenges. We provide services for:

  • Mining
  • Shipping
  • Security
  • Government
  • Outdoor Scientific Study
  • Oil & Gas
  • Railway
  • Law Enforcement
  • Land Management & Resources
  • Much More

We provide a wide array of wireless services and solutions to our clients including:

  • More complex modulation rates
    • MU-MIMO
    • Massive MIMO
    • Channel Aggregation
    • Larger channel sizes
  • Microwave
  • Millimeter wave
  • High-capacity point-to-point
  • Fixed mobile point-to-point
  • Fixed mobile point-to-multipoint
  • RFID solutions

We have been awarded Rajant’s Fastest Growth Partner in North America in 2018 award, and have been featured in CIO Applications top 10 RF/Microwave Solutions Providers of 2019.


To learn more, please contact us today at Sale@NWTowers.com!


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