Northwest Towers partners with Hytera

NW Towers works with Hytera to join in their mission to be an industry leader in research and development, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and next-generation radio technology. We’re proud to work with one of the fastest growing radio communications companies in the world.

Each collaboration is dedicated to delivering the most innovative Professional Mobile Radio communications features and user-centric solutions to clients around the world. These features include projects that utilize:

  • Push-to-Talk over Cellular radios and the Hytera HALO nationwide group communications solution enables PoC over cellular LTE networks
  • Speakers located under the keypad to allow a larger display screen along with quality audio.
  • Dual display screens on Hytera's advanced PDC760 DMR/LTE radios enable users to see critical info from the radio on a belt clip.
  • XPT pseudo trunk eliminates the dedicated control channel, freeing all channels for communications
  • …and more

Get in touch to learn how we partner with Hytera to build robust, ruggedized commercial and industrial networking solutions.

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